Companion Network

Do you have experience with a mental health challenge?

Have you ever struggled with an addiction?

Has a close family member of yours been in that situation?

Join a confidential companion network which offers peer support to people suffering from mental health disorders and/or addictions and their families.

The goal of the Companion Network is to connect every person currently experiencing a struggle with mental/emotional health or an addiction with a person who has lived through that experience.

Use the buttons below to join the network.

Let Your Experience Be a Guide To Another

Our Other Programs

Empowering us all to more effectively support our teens.

School Curriculum

Immersive and engaging class where students gain critical life skills, and is a safe space for them to share, connect and inspire each other.

Teacher Training

Provide education, awareness and resources for teachers to gain the foundational knowledge and skills to become a change agent in a child’s life.

Resource Help Line

Available to the community, calls are fielded and directed to a responsive team of professionals.

Parent Classes

For parents looking to become more aware of their child’s emotional development, and how they can play a more effective

Task Force

Team of trained men and women who will assist in at-risk situations, referred to us by parents, teachers or principals.

Community Events

Meeting of the minds summits where mental health professionals and teachers collaborate to address issues facing our youth.