Teacher Training

We provide education, awareness and resources for teachers to gain the foundational knowledge and skills to become a change agent in a child’s life. We educate teachers through immersive and inspirational courses on developing critical awareness on the issues facing their students, and empowering them to have a positive emotional impact.

We provide continued teacher support through our help line, where we offer resources and professional guidance for issues that they encounter. Our extensive professional network, experience and relationships allow us to guide teachers with delicate precision.

Our Other Programs

Empowering us all to more effectively support our teens.

School Curriculum

Immersive and engaging class where students gain critical life skills, and is a safe space for them to share, connect and inspire each other.

Resource Help Line

Available to the community, calls are fielded and directed to a responsive team of professionals.

Parent Classes

For parents looking to become more aware of their child’s emotional development, and how they can play a more effective

Task Force

Team of trained men and women who will assist in at-risk situations, referred to us by parents, teachers or principals.

Community Events

Meeting of the minds summits where mental health professionals and teachers collaborate to address issues facing our youth.